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College Credit Plus Program for High School Students

What is the College Credit Plus Program?

College Credit Plus courses are college-level courses taught either at the college (in person or online) or at the high school for which students can earn both college and high school credit. The high school credit is given at the discretion of the home high school and the college credit is given on the college transcript. The college credits are fully transferable to the institution granting the credit and are transferable to other institutions at their discretion.

    College Credit Plus Enrollment Application  

After completing the application for College Credit Plus please download and print the Counselor Information Form.  You will need to present this form to your high school counselor and they will need to return it to Notre Dame College.  The form is located at the bottom of the page or you can click this link.


Question:  What are the requirements for a student to participate in these programs? Students must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average (unweighted) on a 4.0 scale AND an ACT Composite score of at least 19 OR an SAT 900 (combined Critical Reading and Math) in order to apply  We will also look at English and math subscores for the tests for placement into appropriate classes.  Students will need:

English and non-math courses :

ACT English subscore: 18 or higher or

SAT CR subscore: 450 or higher

Math and selected science courses :

ACT math subscore: 24 or higher or

SAT math subscore:  520 or higher

Students without an ACT/SAT will be required to take our Accuplacer placement test for a nominal fee. 


Question:  How does a student apply for these programs?

Students and their parents must meet with the high school counselor first to discuss all of the  details of the program and how they fit with the high school requirements.

The student must complete and submit Notre Dame College’s College Credit Plus Application by the appropriate deadline and must submit official transcripts and a recommendation letter from the high school counselor or principal to be considered for acceptance and enrollment in the program 


Question:  What is the cost per credit for these programs?
For students who live in Ohio, attend a

public school and qualify for the College Credit Plus Program, Notre Dame College will accept the amount reimbursed by that program.  Non-public school students should check with the CCP advisor for the fee for credits not covered by state funding.  We are still awaiting final word on funding/fees for the 2015-16 school year.


Question:  Will these courses meet my high school requirements and will they be considered “honors” courses?

The student’s high school has the final

authority in determining how these courses will apply to fulfilling their graduation requirements and how they will be computed in the grade point average.  Students need to check in with their high school counselor  regularly.


Question:  Which colleges will accept these credits?

Once all of the academic requirements have been successfully completed, the credit and the grade for the course will be granted on an official Notre Dame College transcript that will be sent to the student’s high school.

The grade in the course must be a “C” or higher in order to be transferable.  The transfer of these credits to post-secondary institutions other than NDC is at the discretion of those institutions and is not guaranteed by Notre Dame College.  The student should contact the colleges in which they are interested to determine if these courses will transfer.


For more information and application materials contact:
Susan Hren
Coordinator of Dual Enrollment Programs
Notre Dame College
4545 College Road
South Euclid, Ohio 44121-4293